Thursday, January 31, 2013


How many times has the Lord saved you from a raging flood in life? ...the death of a loved one ... a financial crisis ... the pain of broken relationships ... threatening illness ... failures? Indeed if the Lord had not been on our side, we would have been swept away! We have escaped like a bird, out of the fowler's snare. Well guess what?...there are others who need God's help! If our help is in the name of the Lord, why not share that good news with others!

A Great Heron taken in Safety Harbor, FL

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  1. Yep! So many others.Where? How? It seems to me that asking God to show me someone who could use a good word or allow me to share what the Lord has done for me-they just show up somehow.I sure have many instances of how Ive been saved from total destruction and brought into the goodness of Christian living.Though all is not perfect-all is good. Amen.