Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Somehow in all my years of reading the Bible, I missed the significance of this Psalm! It is a stirring benediction for a wedding and one that may surprise you. The Groom is described as excellent, anointed, blessed forever, clothed with splendor and majesty, a defender of truth, humility and righteousness... his throne will be eternal! Who is this groom? Well of course it refers to a king living at the time the Psalm was written, but the New Testament clearly refers to Christ as a bridegroom. Here we have a foreshadowing of the promised Messiah. But who is the bride, who is described as a beauty, glorious and wearing a garment with gold? Again the New Testament gives the answer- The Church is Christ's Bride! PS 45 calls the Bride "to forget your people and your father's house", in other words cleave to Christ above all else. Interesting thought, have you broken your vows to Christ? Trust me he has not broken his vow to us.

Bride at Notre Dam

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