Sunday, November 11, 2012


There are two ways to look at this short poem: 1. The writer seems quite depressed and in anguish as he cries out to God ..."Why have you rejected me?" ... Why is my soul downcast? 2. But in the middle of his lament, you find his declaration of faith...God will rescue him, God is his stronghold, light, truth and guide. He knows all this because of the way God worked in this life over the years. And he knows God will yet work in his life...God will be his joy and delight.
But for right now, life sucked! And he wasn't afraid to tell God just that!

If your life is downcast at the moment... take a line or two from Psalm 43... Let God show his faithfulness and wisdom and yes even joy!

Here is Fort Mackinaw on Mackinaw Island in Michigan ...indeed a stronghold!

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