Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PSALM 150!

Here we are ...after 150 days we come to the end of the Book of Psalms! To those who have faithfully followed and to those who just occasional catch this posting- THANK YOU!

I am taking Feb 28th off:-) And starting March 1st I will follow John's Gospel account of the last week of Christ before his Resurrection. We will begin with John 12.

Now for today, the focus of Psalm 150 is nothing but praise!
Where should we praise the Lord? ...in his sanctuary and in his heavens. Why should we praise God? ... for his acts of power and surpassing greatness. How should we praise God? ... with musical instruments and dancing. Who should praise the Lord?... everything that has breath! Are you breathing? How about a "shout out" for your creator and redeemer? Here is one of the percussionist from Epcot's Christmas Concert... she was amazing!

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